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Fen & Siblings


Puppies Posted on Sat, March 15, 2014 18:52:55

Ok So its been a while!

In fact its been too long to really catch up so this is kind of a start again.

Firstly, I am so proud how well all the pups are doing. Im still in contact with 7/9 of them and pretty sure the 2 that we have lost touch are doing great, I hope they would have been in touch if there have been any problems.

I think a big congratulations needs to go out to Bev with Lexi, they have achieved so much in the past couple of years both in the field and in the show ring. Lexi has put both Moss and Fen to shame by achieving so much more than both of them. Her greatest award came in her first field trial where she gained a COM which has given her a stud book number, this also means she qualified for life to go to Crufts and again in her first ever Crufts she walked away with a first place. Im so proud to have been part of this amazing journey and cant wait to see what the future will bring.

Fen hasn’t achieved much in the field as I haven’t given her the training that she needs, in fact I haven’t been out at all with her so you can imagine how proud I am when every time we go out she shows great skill by using her natural instincts. We have entered a couple of field trial but nothing came of them, so we are concentrating in the training and hope to be out and about in 2014.

Fen has also had all the medical tests and I’m happy to say that she has passed everything so check out the puppy plans page for exciting news in the future.


Puppies Posted on Thu, May 17, 2012 21:48:03

I know its been a very long time since my last blog…i apologize! Its something i kept putting of until ‘tomorrow’ and before i knew it over 6 months had gone by. I was on my lonesome for 4 months as Jon was away with the raf so its been tiring! I don’t know who was more excited when he got home Raina or the kids!So Raina, well she is cheeky, nosy, constantly hungry, easily led (usually into trouble by her sister), farting like trooper, massively loving, and most of all happy….always smiling, o and vain, did i mention VAIN!!! As soon as she knows the camera is out that’s it she is all over you, right up to the lens. It becomes a bit of a challenge getting any good pictures of her once she knows your trying! She has the sad puppy dog eyes look down to a T too…she knows how to guilt trip me to get what she wants. We are past our first season now and she recently had a mini season as well which just so happened to occur during her 1st real stay at the kennels. Mark who owns it has a 2 year old golden retriever called Barney and little miss strumpet was apparently offering herself too him so there were no more walks or play time with the boys after that! I was ignored for about 12 hours when we picked her up too, i was in the doghouse with Raina as it were because i was the one who dropped her off. When she saw me she got all excited and bolted towards me but half way seemed to realize i left her there so she stopped, barked at me with her tail down between her legs and then trotted past me grumbling before giving Olivia, Josh and Jon her attention. I couldn’t believe it, i had felt guilty enough when i left. Suffice to say i will not be dropping off next time that’s for sure! She had a great time over there though, its set in 125 acres of Marks own woodland and the kennels all have under floor heating. There are also big play runs for the dogs as well as being walked twice daily so she was well looked after and rarely in her kennel which was a huge plus. If any of you want a nose its Woodland meadows kennels in Oxbridge, there is a website.

Raina loves a good game of fetch but has an aversion to letting the ball go once she brings it back so we have to use 2 balls, that way she gets all excited about the next throw and forgets the ball she has. You know when she is tired after a walk, run or play though as she lays down to pee. Yes you read that right she lays belly down on the floor and wee’s, its so bizarre! I’ve said it before that we against all the odds have a lazy weim and its true!

There was a fair amount of snow fall earlier in the year and Raina loved it. Playing in it, rolling in it or just eating it…she loved it! It was so funny watching her first reaction to it. You have to realize she is a bit of a snooty pooch, she doesn’t like lying down on cold, hard ground or wet grass so snow was a bit of a shock at first 🙂

We have had her annual boosters and check up with the vet, Raina is doing beautifully. One of the things the vet said was what a perfect weight she is as they so often see overweight dogs. She now weighs just shy of 25k. We had a chat with the vet about getting her spayed and are deliberating on it at the moment. We always planned to get her done but as the vet said we have time as she is in perfect health before going ahead.

I cant express to you all just how great she is, so loving and affectionate. People are always amazed at how careful she is around little ones and how close her and Olivia are. Olivia cried when she went to the kennels and asked for her everyday while we were away. Marie did such a fantastic job with all the meinwegs and couldn’t have placed us with a more perfect match!

Enjoy the photo’s, they are all over the place time wise as i am always taking pics!Lots of love and licks from the Barber’s xxxx


Puppies Posted on Tue, April 24, 2012 20:13:45

Grace Satan Preston is fantastic…. But sooooo bad, so loved and so funny

My time is so short at the moment, mum has been in hospital for 5 months work has got bigger and I’m still having treatment (I am ok though)

As for miss Red ( colour of Satan) she is dinky but stunning we get stopped when we’re walking them telling us how stunning she is, her personality is huge. As you know the girls come to work with us, grace loves it, all the attention and play, just to give you an idea, Gracie hides the food dishes, it takes about 20 mins of hard paw and nose coordination to shift them, it took us an hour to find them the first time, now we’re wise we send the big girls to find them. I can go on and on and on. She swims like a fish, hunts like a pro, runs like the wind, grins like a Cheshire cat and snores like the Texas chain saw massacre oh and a barks like a dog 20 million times bigger than she is

Toodle loo



Puppies Posted on Tue, April 24, 2012 11:36:22

Sorry for the long delay in posts but life is very busy at the moment so here’s my round up so far!

14th March Fen was given a general anaesthetic and we X-rayed her hips for the BSAVA hip score scheme her mum and dad have a great score so I was hoping to equally or improve after all that’s what breeding is all about, I am please to say that she has improved and her score is 3/2 which is a total hip score of 5 (moss is 5/3 = 8) so very happy with that. I also made the decision to score her elbows, I didn’t think for a second there would be a problem and the Weimaraner as a breed does not need to have elbow scored as they do not have elbow problems but that was the reason I did it. Fen is my first true Meinweg line so I want to keep an eye on the elbows to ensure I don’t start with the problem. Her results came back with a score of 0/0 which I am very pleased is a total of 0 – yeah Meinweg’s.

The working test season has started and apart from a very few practice sessions (feel very quality that I have not had Fen out more – Bev and Lexi have put me to shame as she is out most days!) I have to say Fen has held her own. We entered her first test on the 1st April and I was so proud that Fen came away with 5th I was even more proud that Bev’s hard work has paid off and she took a place card and got 4th Yeah well done team Meinweg.

A few more training sessions for Fen is now n place and we go out at least three times a week to throw a few dummies.

The puppies turned 15 months on the 10th April – I can’t believe how quick the time has flown by.

I am very pleased with Bev and Lexi as this weekend they have both passed their Bronze good citizen award, so both Fen and Lexi need to start thinking about their silver award!

Hopefully Bev will send her update for Lexi and if the rest of you want to let us know how your getting on please feel free as I love to hear from you.

Sorry it was just a quick one but time pressing and need to get on

Take care and thinking of you all, till next time Marie xxx


Puppies Posted on Sun, March 11, 2012 17:06:26

2012 so far!

Well doesn’t time fly quickly these days? I can’t believe how long ago it was since I last did a blog. I am sorry but I will try and get them on more regularly and if any of you want to email me your news I am still always happy to find out what they are up too and how well they are getting on.

So Jan was taken up by India, I had a fantastic time but missed my girls like mad. It was great fun working with all the different types of dogs from village, street, owned, stray, adult, puppies, kennelled, we worked on search and rescue, service, guide, pet and everything in between. It was a privilege and a pleasure to meet not only good dogs but a new group of people who hopefully even though we are spread all over the world will keep in touch and swap different training tips and advice, and you never know we may meet up in the future on some other dog activities somewhere in the world!

The worst bit was being away from home when it was the pup’s birthday – I relived everything that had happened the year before from remembering Amber the first ever Meinweg pup to enter the world right the way through. I have to admit I did have a tear in my eye most of the day when I thought about my special little nine.

Fen and Moss spent the time away in kennels whilst I was in India – now that sounds harsh but they had a great time and it meant that they didn’t have to spend three weeks in the house from 7am – 5pm doing nothing but waiting for daddy to come home, it also helped ease the pressure for Wayne as he only had the two old girls who are happy to spend the day sleeping! Moss and Fen had three weeks in a working gundog kennel that is owned by a friend and they spent their days working the land and sleeping the nights dreaming of working the land. They had a great time and didn’t miss home at all, I think Wayne secretly missed them but he would never admit to it!

When they came home they just entered the house like they had never been away and settled straight back into home life, though I think they miss the hard work of the field. Luckily they hadn’t realised I had been away as they went the day after I left and came home the day before, Bronte and Kira on the other hand gave me the cold shoulder when I got back and didn’t want anything to do with me, they were totally daddy’s little girls!

I was straight back into work and training and Fen had her practice sessions for her Kennel club good citizen’s bronze level, she had to miss a few of the training as I had to help train the others in the group but it all came together in the end when she achieved all ten requirements and passed the Bronze.

The gundog training was now in full swing again and even though we had decided that Fen really wasn’t cut out to be a gundog as the instinct didn’t seem to be there we decided to stick with it as she did enjoy it.

Early Feb we had the bad snow and the last practice show before Crufts was cancelled but it did mean that Fen got to play in the snow as it was the first time she had ever saw it – well that’s not completely true, when they were very young about 5 weeks old all the pups got to play in a flurry which we had when we had them all but it didn’t settle like it did this year. She had a fantastic time.

A couple of weeks ago I did my hands on judges confirmation and movement assessment exam and I am pleased to say I passed, I took Fen as she was the dog I pointed the points on and she was such a good girl. It was also a chance to run Fen around the ring as a pre Crufts practice. She stood and moved lovely, things seemed to have come together and she has really matured in the last month. A nice all round dog that I am pleased to own and even more pleased to have bred. A friend offered (now I say offered but I kinda forced her to do it!) took her into the ring and stood her and moved her for me. It was great to see her like that as normally I never get to see as I am handling her. She looked stunning and moved fantastically. I have to say I had a tear in my eye and was very proud though a little disappointed at the lack of loyalty on her part and was happy to go off and work for somebody else without even a glance back for me!

We went for a lovely walk with another friend and her boys around an old walk we used to do years ago before moss and fen where even here. It was great to catch up and Fen had a fantastic time chasing and playing with the boys, she again surprised me as one of the boys flushed a covey of birds up, I had just finished telling my friend how uninterested Fen was at game and didn’t seem to even notice the scent as she took off and quartered the ground where the birds had been, none of the other dogs winded it but little fen searched and searched till I had to call her back!

Then Friday just gone brought us the biggest dog show of the year, we qualified at our first show all those months ago and Fen was finally the first Meinweg to enter the green ring. She was bathed and groomed, clipped and cleaned, I too was suited and booted and good to go. The pre Crufts nerves got to me a bit, Fen entered the building as if she had been there a 1000 times before. The hustle and bustle didn’t bother her at all and she sat on the bench just waiting for her class to go in. We had a pre practice stand and even a pre practice move and she was ok but I really wasn’t expecting to get a place. Just being there was enough for me and lots of people commented on how lovely she was. The support team turned up and stood on the side lines, lots of friends came to wish us luck which meant a lot to realise how many people back team Meinweg as its now being called.

Our time came and I entered the ring, I was so excited that he nerves just vanished. Fen stood perfectly for me, we moved and it felt like a dream to run her around the big ring. She again stood like a perfect show dog whilst the judge ran her hands over her and then she again moved with only one little Fen moment when she decided to get a little excited but she soon calmed down and we continued the run. She stood again even though there was a very loud high pitched noise which grabbed her attention and she wanted to turn around and find out what it was? The dogs started to get pulled out 1st, 2nd, 3rd then Fen, the judge had actually picked Fen as her 4th place dog. I filled up, and started moving forward, team Meinweg cheered very loudly (not normally done but hay scream from the roof tops team, I was inside!) My smile was from ear to ear, 5th place lined up and my shoulders where so broad and Fen was on tip toes feeling very proud of herself as the line up was called out. We left the ring ten feet tall and I’ve still not come down from cloud nine and I don’t think I ever will!

Today we have been gundog training with peter and yet again my little show dog has done me proud! That dog that I thought had no natural instincts has yet again proved me so wrong. She hunted the ground and covered it all, found and pointed the scent of a bird (something she will learn not to do as she gets more experience on game) a bird flushed ahead of her to which she sat instantly to the whistle, Peter threw a cold pigeon as a reward and she didn’t run in she waited for me to send her, she collected and apart from dropping it at my feet instead of giving to hand was near perfect delivery. She then hunted on quartering the ground like she understood finally what it is all about. She retrieved dummies and cold game all nicely and hunted the remainder of the ground. I could ask for nothing more from a 14month puppy over a weekend than that

I’m so proud and hope that this is the start of a great all round future for my little miss orange the ugly biff thick dog…….but not anymore!

Enjoy the pictures.


Puppies Posted on Mon, January 23, 2012 21:48:38

Satan sends big birthday snogs to all
She’s in season at the moment, God help us…..
She is the cheekiest, naughtiest, cleverest Weim in the world, fills everyone’s days with laughter and love. At this moment she is racing round the house like a thing possessed playing tag with her sisters.
Her full name is Grace Skingy Tink Stink Satan Preston all her friends call her stinky, she does the loudest smelliest farts!!! The girls can’t get away from her quick enough!!!
We’re off for big walks today and swim
Love to all
Stinky and co

Toodle loo


Puppies Posted on Mon, January 23, 2012 21:46:25

I just want to wish all my babies a very happy first birtday.

I am away in india but i can quarantee that i have relieved that moment that each and everyone of them came into the world. I was a magical moment, in fact it was the most magical thing i have ever seen and done to date.

I hope that the joy your getting from them is growing everyday and the love is the centre of your world as i know that they are all still the centre of mine

Give each of them a cuddle and tell them i still love them all as much as i did 365days ago.

As i say i am away in India till the 23rd Jan, so i will not be able to reply but wayne is checking my emails for me. If you want to blog the forst year round up then i would love to read them all when i get back and post onto the website, I stll have so many people checking it on a regular basis. I know a few of you have had huge changes in your life since collecting your puppies but hope your all aware i am still here if you ever need me for what ever reason and i really hope your all happy.

I am sad that i am not around to contact you all for a chat but hope you celebrate their 1st birthday in what ever way you see fit

Big hugs



Puppies Posted on Mon, January 23, 2012 21:45:11

Dear Fen,Lexi,Raina,Grace,Bailey,Wilson,Albert and Bailey,

Happy 1st Birthday to you all.
Hope your lives are as happy and fulfilled as mine – with many many more to come!

Lots of wags and licks to all

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