Hi All
Long time since our last post & lots has been going on.

We have entered 3 shows, one at Malvern, one at Darlington & one at Newark, she managed to get a VHC at Darlington. Again can’t say either of us really enjoy the showing, Lexi just thinks it’s very boring standy still stuff! She would much rather be hunting & retrieving, and I must say I do agree with her.

As for the working stuff:
Tadcaster HPR retrieving challenge
Really enjoyed this and was really good practice for Lexi (& me). Unfortunately on two of the retrieves which were quite a long distance for a puppy she didn’t see the dummy being thrown so had to go out blind & struggled with the distance. They memory retrieve she was OK and luckily I was allowed to do the leadwork on lead so she didn’t get the chance to go after the bolting rabbit.
The dummy launcher was really good until she wouldn’t bring the dummy right to hand.

Widmerpool working test
Had a mixed day here. We got 33/40 for the hunting which was good and more my fault that we lost marks as I didn’t get her to use the ground fully. 10/20 for the memory retrieve, lost marks for complete lack of heelwork off lead and running in before being sent! We failed the water as (again) she wouldn’t swim (definitely need to do some work on this) but the best of the day was 19/20 for the split retrieve. I was so pleased with how she did this retrieve that I didn’t care about the low marks on the other things.

We have had several training sessions with Marie & a few others at the farm which have been really good and a great place to practice, also we have had one gundog training session with Peter Everett-Stewart which has given us much more of a focus and has shown me how to progress with her training as I am new to the gundog stuff. Just found out today that she is not steady on hares! Managed to flush 2 out & she gave chase to the other side of the field, think a long line is called for.

We met up with Fen, Raina & Stanley for a walk in August which Lexi loved. It was really nice to see the four of them playing together.

In October we took Lexi & Lani on our annual doggy holiday to a cottage in Glenuig in Scotland. It is quite a long journey up there so this time we decided to stop in a B&B on the way. Lexi was so well behaved on the journey up, in the B&B and also in the cottage. They both loved the holiday, the cottage was right by a little beach on a really quiet road in the middle of nowhere.

Lexi is such a lovely dog and very well behaved most of the time, we are however having a few teenage moments where she is challenging me! The main one being claw clipping, the bruise down the side of my nose which looks like a black eye says it all! Other bad habits are paper and card shredding and drinking out the toilet!!! But if they are the only bad habits I have to put up with I’ll settle for that.

Hope everyone else is getting on OK.
Woofs & Wags from Lexi to all her brothers & sisters xxx

Ps. Just want to thank Marie for playing the firework sounds scary cd to the puppies when they were young as we’ve not had any problems with fireworks or gunfire.

In fact I let her out into the garden yesterday evening (bonfire night) and she sat on the decking watching the fireworks, think she couldn’t understand why there

were no training dummies falling from the sky!