I have stolen some piccies from morag…

albie is 29kg now

a big boy

he seem to be suddenly bulking up very nicely.

and he also (thank goodness) seems to be gliding out of the adolescent hell that has been the last 3 months or so…

defiant – tick

hilarious – tick

too clever for us – tick

goofy – tick

unable to stop snacking – tick

he now is calming down

loves to smooch on the sofa

and just hang out

but does get wired when not exercised enough – im sure everyone is familiar with that

albert is a gentle boy – contrary to my fears at one point when he was a vampire like wee midden

he has grown into a patient, calm, intelligent, beautiful boy,

who simply lights up out every moment.

no exciting stories

we take him to the beach for swims as often as possible but now wintery,

and I think getting too cold.

so hill walks and plays it is.

he hoofs up and down almost vertical drops

retrieving the hell out of his tennis balls

morag calls him a mountain goat

fireworks night was ‘ok’

he woofed a lot at a few cracking noises

but on the whole was a very brave boy indeed

we just completed teaching paw – after trying for about 6 months!!!

now can do both paws

and drools with great gusto at the thought that a treat might be forthcoming

paw now is offered constantly as he thinks it gets him something tasty..

what a gannet

on the drool note

is everyone having the same issue

its really suddenly very very copious – and the cause of a lot of laundry!!!

( we feel we may be single handedly destroying the ozone layer)

his poops


I have no words to describe how big weimaraner poo is.

im shocked at times

and feel the need to share the ginormity

in the hope that albert is not a freaky pooer


he is currently padding around the hoosie

looking for ginger nuts which are his new found obsession.

all food needs to be hid – all counters ned to be clear

albert has no boundary….

but we love him.

I hope everyone is having similarly hilarious life events

I cant imagine it any other way

with much love

and woof and licks etc etc


sharon morag catties and mr albert mutschli