How time passes when you have a puppy……

We have hit the stage where Fen has decided that she knows best and she is going to be stubborn, and the adolescent head is defiantly fixed on those firm shoulders. She keeps trying to get away with everything including going through yet another chew stage…….my poor chair! But hay it will pass and I’m staying strong with firm rules which she understands so hopefully the end is in sight (fingers crossed)

So what have we been up too?

Darlington Dog show back in September and we came away with VHC in minor puppy and 3rd in puppy.

She attended the gundog training group at the beginning of October, I was very pleased with her she did most of the retrieves that I asked and did some amazing jumps which I was very pleased with as I have never done any form of jumping at all with her. Her hunting on the day wasn’t brilliant but equally I was trying to handle two dogs which is never a good idea as Wayne was having Larlars! I gave it up as a bad job and went back to do more retrieves.

Mid October wasn’t brilliant, we had entered the Weimaraner open show but had to withdraw as Fen was very poorly, she had a bad tummy and there were lots and lots coming out of it! I think she had picked something up and ate it off the garden or on a walk as she vomited something back that I certainly hadn’t given her and she had all the symptoms of food poisoning…….she fully recovered the moment I withdrew from the show!

I took both dogs to Peter Everett Stewarts the next day and it was amazing to watch, she hunted on fantastic ground. She didn’t look like a 9 month old puppy she looked like a dog who had been hunting for years. I was again very proud.

Late October we were entered in an open show where she came away with another 2nd place in puppy. She was a git on the move but stood brilliantly so she may have got a first if she had moved better?

A few days later we was at Midland counties and I stupidly entered her into Junior as well as puppy and she was dwarfed by the other dogs in the class, she certainly was too young to be there and she didn’t get placed but did get 3rd in puppy so we still came away with a place.

November brought us another training day at the farm. I could not have been more pleased with Fen and Moss. Fen did all the retrieves with style and grace and even on a few occasions she looked like she knew what she was doing…….. I got some brilliant photos of her jumping hay bales for a retrieve; she got all the dummy launcher dummies which go out far for a puppy. She too enjoyed the stew for dinner!!!!!!! And then in the afternoon she totally blew me away by stopping on a hare (Moss still chases at her age!) and managed to do her first point on a partridge, I think it was more shock than a true point but she was motionless and her leg was up so I’ll take that. She also sat when it was flushed again it was more oh what’s that as it flew which equalled in her sitting but it was a sit to flush of sort!

Today was In Line Dog Training winter charity dog walk so I took Fen, normally Bronte comes along but she is still recovering from her op so she stayed at home. I have to say Fen was again a good girl she came back every time I called her, she didn’t cause any trouble with the other dogs and I didn’t have to keep checking in on her she just played and plodded with the group of dogs. As I type this she is upside down fast asleep so a quiet afternoon for me and Wayne.

She has been awarded her puppy good citizen so I now have no excuse she is doing to do the bronze one in a few months………fingers crossed I get time to practice a few requirements with her before the test day!

In all looking back, yes she is a little shit at the mo but it aint all bad and most of the time she does what I ask and produces good work, so maybe I’ll stop saying she’s a git!