It is coming up to that time where you may be wondering what to do about seasons, spaying and castration.

As I said in your puppy packs the decision is up to you and your vets but I thought you might like to hear a few points of view from others that have decided to neuter all ready?

What am I doing?

Well Fen is shown and worked so I am not allowed to have her spayed unless there is a medical reason to do so because of the Kennel Club regulations on showing bitches so the decision is kind of been made for me but equally I do have aspirations to have a litter from her in the future so again spaying isn’t in the plans at the moment. Fen hasn’t had a season yet but I have a feeling it is just around the corner as she has become a little bossy especially with her mum, she is still a lovely natured dog but I can tell there are some female hormones starting, hopefully she will come into season and things will settle down again.

What have I done in the past?

Kira had one season then I had her spayed

Bronte had two seasons then I had her spayed

Moss is still entire, my plan is to have a little from Fen when she is around three and a half but I don’t want to spay Moss just in case I decide to have another litter!

Fen has breeding plans but this all depends on how she turns out and she passes all her health tests with good results, no reason she wouldn’t but I will only have a litter from a sound dog.

What have others done?

Albert was the first to be castrated and I’m sure Sharon and Morag will blog their reasons and points of view as I would not want to blog for them but he was just around the six months age and everything went well and as far as I can tell he hasn’t missed them as yet.

Lexi and Stanley were done on the same day at different vets, I was there with Lexi and again Bev will hopefully blog her own story but Lexi was done just over a week ago and she was done before she had had a season, some vets will do this and some vets wont, you need to talk to your vets for the pro’s and con’s of this but I personally think that if your situation suits then there is no benefit to having a season but as I say it is a personal thing between you and your vet as there is some research into problems that may occur if you don’t let them have a season first. I won’t put my views onto you but if you want a chat I’m more than happy to advise as I did with Bev.

Stanley as I said was done the same Day, he was a little older than Albert at 10 months old and Andrea has blogged her story for you:

Hi, we decided to castrate Stan on the basis that it should calm him down and we didn’t want to breed from him.

We researched the different options and the RSPCA will castrate for 80 quid.

Stanley was dropped off at a local vets in the morning and the deed was done by 3pm.

There is no change in him he has been fine and I would fully recommend it.


I hope this helps with your decision making and as I say if you want a chat then get in touch, as it would be lovely to catch up and hear from you all.