To spay or not to spay that is the question???……………………………………

Early November I was toying with the idea of whether to get Lexi spayed or not. I tried the showing thing and can’t say we really enjoyed it and I knew I wasn’t going to breed from her so on a long car journey with Marie on Sunday 13th November we had a chat about it. Following that chat the decision was made to spay, but then the next decision was when to do it, pre-season or post season? I did discuss this with Marie as well and then went home and did some searching on the internet.

First of all there were a few things I already knew which were:

Not spaying – May cause false pregnancies causing behavioural changes which are stressful for the
Bitch obviously comes into season approx. every 6 months which can be messy &
Accidental pregnancy is possible!

After spaying – There is no chance of the bitch having a pyometra (uterine infection) or uterine or
ovarian cancer
Risk of mammary cancer is significantly decreased

So do I do it pre or post season?
The information I found was that if a bitch is spayed pre-season the risk of mammary tumour is even less than is she is spayed post 1st season which is a plus however there is thinking that there is greater risk of urinary incontinence after a pre-season spay, but apparently no conclusive evidence on this.

I weighed up the pros & cons and decision made = PRE-SEASON but as she was 10 months old at this stage it had to be done soon.

Once I had made the decision there was no going back & Lexi was booked into the vets for Wednesday
23rd November – my poor baby!

Bob dropped her off at 9am and she was given a pre-med and later on taken in for the surgery. As I use the vets where Marie works I knew she would definitely be looked after so I had no worries about that. Marie text me later on to say she had been done and was recovering. As my wonderful boss at work let me off early I picked her up at 3pm. She was fine although a little hesitant as she had a dressing on the wound due to a little bleeding. Later on in the evening she had some food & went into her crate to sleep. The next day I took the dressing off as it was pulling a bit and she didn’t seem able to walk properly with it on and she didn’t look back. It is virtually impossible to slow a 10 month Weimaraner down!!! I had said we were going to walk her on lead for 7-10 days but after 5 days that went out the window, it was impossible, and she needed a little more exercise than she was getting on lead. Luckily despite this the wound healed well & I took her stitches out a couple each day between 7 and 10 days. So it’s all done and dusted and I am happy with the decision I made.

What else is happening in Lexi land???
The gundog training is coming on well and we are having one to one training. I have been taking her out on her own to practice which has been good. She just still needs a little more steadiness which will come with practice and age. One thing I have noticed is that she has started to chase birds etc (not so good in a gundog!) so I can see the possibility of doing some training on a long line to control this.

She is a lovely well balanced dog and sooooo wanting to please everyone. So much so that she fetches everything to us, even if we don’t want it. We were at my Mum & Dad’s last week and Bob ended up with a large pile of shoes next to him as she went around the house finding them and fetching them to him!

She has her moments where she is very frustrating as with all 11 month old puppies but the good behaviour far outweighs the bad and we definitely wouldn’t be without her.