I just want to wish all my babies a very happy first birtday.

I am away in india but i can quarantee that i have relieved that moment that each and everyone of them came into the world. I was a magical moment, in fact it was the most magical thing i have ever seen and done to date.

I hope that the joy your getting from them is growing everyday and the love is the centre of your world as i know that they are all still the centre of mine

Give each of them a cuddle and tell them i still love them all as much as i did 365days ago.

As i say i am away in India till the 23rd Jan, so i will not be able to reply but wayne is checking my emails for me. If you want to blog the forst year round up then i would love to read them all when i get back and post onto the website, I stll have so many people checking it on a regular basis. I know a few of you have had huge changes in your life since collecting your puppies but hope your all aware i am still here if you ever need me for what ever reason and i really hope your all happy.

I am sad that i am not around to contact you all for a chat but hope you celebrate their 1st birthday in what ever way you see fit

Big hugs