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Fen & Siblings


Puppies Posted on Tue, April 24, 2012 20:13:45

Grace Satan Preston is fantastic…. But sooooo bad, so loved and so funny

My time is so short at the moment, mum has been in hospital for 5 months work has got bigger and I’m still having treatment (I am ok though)

As for miss Red ( colour of Satan) she is dinky but stunning we get stopped when we’re walking them telling us how stunning she is, her personality is huge. As you know the girls come to work with us, grace loves it, all the attention and play, just to give you an idea, Gracie hides the food dishes, it takes about 20 mins of hard paw and nose coordination to shift them, it took us an hour to find them the first time, now we’re wise we send the big girls to find them. I can go on and on and on. She swims like a fish, hunts like a pro, runs like the wind, grins like a Cheshire cat and snores like the Texas chain saw massacre oh and a barks like a dog 20 million times bigger than she is

Toodle loo



Puppies Posted on Tue, April 24, 2012 11:36:22

Sorry for the long delay in posts but life is very busy at the moment so here’s my round up so far!

14th March Fen was given a general anaesthetic and we X-rayed her hips for the BSAVA hip score scheme her mum and dad have a great score so I was hoping to equally or improve after all that’s what breeding is all about, I am please to say that she has improved and her score is 3/2 which is a total hip score of 5 (moss is 5/3 = 8) so very happy with that. I also made the decision to score her elbows, I didn’t think for a second there would be a problem and the Weimaraner as a breed does not need to have elbow scored as they do not have elbow problems but that was the reason I did it. Fen is my first true Meinweg line so I want to keep an eye on the elbows to ensure I don’t start with the problem. Her results came back with a score of 0/0 which I am very pleased is a total of 0 – yeah Meinweg’s.

The working test season has started and apart from a very few practice sessions (feel very quality that I have not had Fen out more – Bev and Lexi have put me to shame as she is out most days!) I have to say Fen has held her own. We entered her first test on the 1st April and I was so proud that Fen came away with 5th I was even more proud that Bev’s hard work has paid off and she took a place card and got 4th Yeah well done team Meinweg.

A few more training sessions for Fen is now n place and we go out at least three times a week to throw a few dummies.

The puppies turned 15 months on the 10th April – I can’t believe how quick the time has flown by.

I am very pleased with Bev and Lexi as this weekend they have both passed their Bronze good citizen award, so both Fen and Lexi need to start thinking about their silver award!

Hopefully Bev will send her update for Lexi and if the rest of you want to let us know how your getting on please feel free as I love to hear from you.

Sorry it was just a quick one but time pressing and need to get on

Take care and thinking of you all, till next time Marie xxx