I know its been a very long time since my last blog…i apologize! Its something i kept putting of until ‘tomorrow’ and before i knew it over 6 months had gone by. I was on my lonesome for 4 months as Jon was away with the raf so its been tiring! I don’t know who was more excited when he got home Raina or the kids!So Raina, well she is cheeky, nosy, constantly hungry, easily led (usually into trouble by her sister), farting like trooper, massively loving, and most of all happy….always smiling, o and vain, did i mention VAIN!!! As soon as she knows the camera is out that’s it she is all over you, right up to the lens. It becomes a bit of a challenge getting any good pictures of her once she knows your trying! She has the sad puppy dog eyes look down to a T too…she knows how to guilt trip me to get what she wants. We are past our first season now and she recently had a mini season as well which just so happened to occur during her 1st real stay at the kennels. Mark who owns it has a 2 year old golden retriever called Barney and little miss strumpet was apparently offering herself too him so there were no more walks or play time with the boys after that! I was ignored for about 12 hours when we picked her up too, i was in the doghouse with Raina as it were because i was the one who dropped her off. When she saw me she got all excited and bolted towards me but half way seemed to realize i left her there so she stopped, barked at me with her tail down between her legs and then trotted past me grumbling before giving Olivia, Josh and Jon her attention. I couldn’t believe it, i had felt guilty enough when i left. Suffice to say i will not be dropping off next time that’s for sure! She had a great time over there though, its set in 125 acres of Marks own woodland and the kennels all have under floor heating. There are also big play runs for the dogs as well as being walked twice daily so she was well looked after and rarely in her kennel which was a huge plus. If any of you want a nose its Woodland meadows kennels in Oxbridge, there is a website.

Raina loves a good game of fetch but has an aversion to letting the ball go once she brings it back so we have to use 2 balls, that way she gets all excited about the next throw and forgets the ball she has. You know when she is tired after a walk, run or play though as she lays down to pee. Yes you read that right she lays belly down on the floor and wee’s, its so bizarre! I’ve said it before that we against all the odds have a lazy weim and its true!

There was a fair amount of snow fall earlier in the year and Raina loved it. Playing in it, rolling in it or just eating it…she loved it! It was so funny watching her first reaction to it. You have to realize she is a bit of a snooty pooch, she doesn’t like lying down on cold, hard ground or wet grass so snow was a bit of a shock at first 🙂

We have had her annual boosters and check up with the vet, Raina is doing beautifully. One of the things the vet said was what a perfect weight she is as they so often see overweight dogs. She now weighs just shy of 25k. We had a chat with the vet about getting her spayed and are deliberating on it at the moment. We always planned to get her done but as the vet said we have time as she is in perfect health before going ahead.

I cant express to you all just how great she is, so loving and affectionate. People are always amazed at how careful she is around little ones and how close her and Olivia are. Olivia cried when she went to the kennels and asked for her everyday while we were away. Marie did such a fantastic job with all the meinwegs and couldn’t have placed us with a more perfect match!

Enjoy the photo’s, they are all over the place time wise as i am always taking pics!Lots of love and licks from the Barber’s xxxx