Ok So its been a while!

In fact its been too long to really catch up so this is kind of a start again.

Firstly, I am so proud how well all the pups are doing. Im still in contact with 7/9 of them and pretty sure the 2 that we have lost touch are doing great, I hope they would have been in touch if there have been any problems.

I think a big congratulations needs to go out to Bev with Lexi, they have achieved so much in the past couple of years both in the field and in the show ring. Lexi has put both Moss and Fen to shame by achieving so much more than both of them. Her greatest award came in her first field trial where she gained a COM which has given her a stud book number, this also means she qualified for life to go to Crufts and again in her first ever Crufts she walked away with a first place. Im so proud to have been part of this amazing journey and cant wait to see what the future will bring.

Fen hasn’t achieved much in the field as I haven’t given her the training that she needs, in fact I haven’t been out at all with her so you can imagine how proud I am when every time we go out she shows great skill by using her natural instincts. We have entered a couple of field trial but nothing came of them, so we are concentrating in the training and hope to be out and about in 2014.

Fen has also had all the medical tests and I’m happy to say that she has passed everything so check out the puppy plans page for exciting news in the future.