Accredited Breeder Scheme Requirements and Recommendations

The Scheme currently has the following requirements

Accredited Breeders must:

Ensure that all breeding stock is Kennel Club registered.

Hand over the dog’s registration certificate at time of sale if available, or forward it to the new owner as soon as possible. Explain any endorsements that might pertain and obtain written and signed confirmation from the new owner, at or before the date on which the dog is physically transferred, that the new owner is aware of the endorsement(s), regardless of whether or not the endorsed registration certificate is available.

· Follow Kennel Club policy regarding maximum age and number/frequency of litters

· Permanently identify breeding stock by DNA profile, microchip, or tattoo

· Make use of health screening schemes, relevant to their breed, on all breeding stock. These schemes include DNA testing, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and inherited eye conditions

· Socialise the puppies and provide written advice, in the Puppy Sales Wallet, on continuation of socialisation, exercise and future training

· Provide written advice, in the scheme Puppy Sales Wallet, on feeding and worming programmes

· Provide a written record, in the Puppy Sales Wallet, on the immunisation measures taken

· Provide reasonable post-sales telephone advice

· Inform buyers of the requirements and the recommendations that apply to Kennel Club Accredited Breeders as well as the existence of the complaints procedure

· Draw up a contract of sale for each puppy and provide a copy in the Puppy Sales Wallet.

In addition there are a number of recommendations

Accredited Breeders are strongly encouraged to:

· Make sure that whelping facilities accord with good practice

· The contract of sale should clearly lay out to the buyer the nature and details of any guarantee given (e.g. time limit) and/or any provisions for refund or return and replacement of puppy. If endorsements are being used the contract should also explain why these have been placed and under what circumstances they would be removed (if any). The contract should be signed and dated by both breeder and purchaser, showing that both have agreed to these terms

· Commit to help, if necessary, with the re-homing of a dog, for whatever reason, throughout the dog’s lifetime

Follow relevant breed health screening recommendations.