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Fen & Siblings


Puppies Posted on Sat, December 24, 2011 17:47:45

Lexi has brought so much pleasure & there’s not a day go by where she doesn’t make us laugh.

Worst thing about going to India in January is having to leave her behind!

Hope everyone else is getting as much joy from their Meinweg puppy!

Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year to everyone.

Bev & Bob x


Puppies Posted on Sat, December 24, 2011 17:46:50

It’s Baileys 1st Xmas and he’s got more presents than the children!

He’s in top form, walking miles everyday and great company

Best wishes to all


Puppies Posted on Sat, December 24, 2011 17:45:34

Fen and everyone at Meinweg would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


Puppies Posted on Sun, December 18, 2011 06:57:09

To spay or not to spay that is the question???……………………………………

Early November I was toying with the idea of whether to get Lexi spayed or not. I tried the showing thing and can’t say we really enjoyed it and I knew I wasn’t going to breed from her so on a long car journey with Marie on Sunday 13th November we had a chat about it. Following that chat the decision was made to spay, but then the next decision was when to do it, pre-season or post season? I did discuss this with Marie as well and then went home and did some searching on the internet.

First of all there were a few things I already knew which were:

Not spaying – May cause false pregnancies causing behavioural changes which are stressful for the
Bitch obviously comes into season approx. every 6 months which can be messy &
Accidental pregnancy is possible!

After spaying – There is no chance of the bitch having a pyometra (uterine infection) or uterine or
ovarian cancer
Risk of mammary cancer is significantly decreased

So do I do it pre or post season?
The information I found was that if a bitch is spayed pre-season the risk of mammary tumour is even less than is she is spayed post 1st season which is a plus however there is thinking that there is greater risk of urinary incontinence after a pre-season spay, but apparently no conclusive evidence on this.

I weighed up the pros & cons and decision made = PRE-SEASON but as she was 10 months old at this stage it had to be done soon.

Once I had made the decision there was no going back & Lexi was booked into the vets for Wednesday
23rd November – my poor baby!

Bob dropped her off at 9am and she was given a pre-med and later on taken in for the surgery. As I use the vets where Marie works I knew she would definitely be looked after so I had no worries about that. Marie text me later on to say she had been done and was recovering. As my wonderful boss at work let me off early I picked her up at 3pm. She was fine although a little hesitant as she had a dressing on the wound due to a little bleeding. Later on in the evening she had some food & went into her crate to sleep. The next day I took the dressing off as it was pulling a bit and she didn’t seem able to walk properly with it on and she didn’t look back. It is virtually impossible to slow a 10 month Weimaraner down!!! I had said we were going to walk her on lead for 7-10 days but after 5 days that went out the window, it was impossible, and she needed a little more exercise than she was getting on lead. Luckily despite this the wound healed well & I took her stitches out a couple each day between 7 and 10 days. So it’s all done and dusted and I am happy with the decision I made.

What else is happening in Lexi land???
The gundog training is coming on well and we are having one to one training. I have been taking her out on her own to practice which has been good. She just still needs a little more steadiness which will come with practice and age. One thing I have noticed is that she has started to chase birds etc (not so good in a gundog!) so I can see the possibility of doing some training on a long line to control this.

She is a lovely well balanced dog and sooooo wanting to please everyone. So much so that she fetches everything to us, even if we don’t want it. We were at my Mum & Dad’s last week and Bob ended up with a large pile of shoes next to him as she went around the house finding them and fetching them to him!

She has her moments where she is very frustrating as with all 11 month old puppies but the good behaviour far outweighs the bad and we definitely wouldn’t be without her.

Seasons, Spaying and Castration?

Puppies Posted on Thu, December 01, 2011 17:15:34

It is coming up to that time where you may be wondering what to do about seasons, spaying and castration.

As I said in your puppy packs the decision is up to you and your vets but I thought you might like to hear a few points of view from others that have decided to neuter all ready?

What am I doing?

Well Fen is shown and worked so I am not allowed to have her spayed unless there is a medical reason to do so because of the Kennel Club regulations on showing bitches so the decision is kind of been made for me but equally I do have aspirations to have a litter from her in the future so again spaying isn’t in the plans at the moment. Fen hasn’t had a season yet but I have a feeling it is just around the corner as she has become a little bossy especially with her mum, she is still a lovely natured dog but I can tell there are some female hormones starting, hopefully she will come into season and things will settle down again.

What have I done in the past?

Kira had one season then I had her spayed

Bronte had two seasons then I had her spayed

Moss is still entire, my plan is to have a little from Fen when she is around three and a half but I don’t want to spay Moss just in case I decide to have another litter!

Fen has breeding plans but this all depends on how she turns out and she passes all her health tests with good results, no reason she wouldn’t but I will only have a litter from a sound dog.

What have others done?

Albert was the first to be castrated and I’m sure Sharon and Morag will blog their reasons and points of view as I would not want to blog for them but he was just around the six months age and everything went well and as far as I can tell he hasn’t missed them as yet.

Lexi and Stanley were done on the same day at different vets, I was there with Lexi and again Bev will hopefully blog her own story but Lexi was done just over a week ago and she was done before she had had a season, some vets will do this and some vets wont, you need to talk to your vets for the pro’s and con’s of this but I personally think that if your situation suits then there is no benefit to having a season but as I say it is a personal thing between you and your vet as there is some research into problems that may occur if you don’t let them have a season first. I won’t put my views onto you but if you want a chat I’m more than happy to advise as I did with Bev.

Stanley as I said was done the same Day, he was a little older than Albert at 10 months old and Andrea has blogged her story for you:

Hi, we decided to castrate Stan on the basis that it should calm him down and we didn’t want to breed from him.

We researched the different options and the RSPCA will castrate for 80 quid.

Stanley was dropped off at a local vets in the morning and the deed was done by 3pm.

There is no change in him he has been fine and I would fully recommend it.


I hope this helps with your decision making and as I say if you want a chat then get in touch, as it would be lovely to catch up and hear from you all.


Puppies Posted on Sun, November 13, 2011 16:30:25




I have stolen some piccies from morag…

albie is 29kg now

a big boy

he seem to be suddenly bulking up very nicely.

and he also (thank goodness) seems to be gliding out of the adolescent hell that has been the last 3 months or so…

defiant – tick

hilarious – tick

too clever for us – tick

goofy – tick

unable to stop snacking – tick

he now is calming down

loves to smooch on the sofa

and just hang out

but does get wired when not exercised enough – im sure everyone is familiar with that

albert is a gentle boy – contrary to my fears at one point when he was a vampire like wee midden

he has grown into a patient, calm, intelligent, beautiful boy,

who simply lights up out every moment.

no exciting stories

we take him to the beach for swims as often as possible but now wintery,

and I think getting too cold.

so hill walks and plays it is.

he hoofs up and down almost vertical drops

retrieving the hell out of his tennis balls

morag calls him a mountain goat

fireworks night was ‘ok’

he woofed a lot at a few cracking noises

but on the whole was a very brave boy indeed

we just completed teaching paw – after trying for about 6 months!!!

now can do both paws

and drools with great gusto at the thought that a treat might be forthcoming

paw now is offered constantly as he thinks it gets him something tasty..

what a gannet

on the drool note

is everyone having the same issue

its really suddenly very very copious – and the cause of a lot of laundry!!!

( we feel we may be single handedly destroying the ozone layer)

his poops


I have no words to describe how big weimaraner poo is.

im shocked at times

and feel the need to share the ginormity

in the hope that albert is not a freaky pooer


he is currently padding around the hoosie

looking for ginger nuts which are his new found obsession.

all food needs to be hid – all counters ned to be clear

albert has no boundary….

but we love him.

I hope everyone is having similarly hilarious life events

I cant imagine it any other way

with much love

and woof and licks etc etc


sharon morag catties and mr albert mutschli



Puppies Posted on Sun, November 13, 2011 13:48:36

How time passes when you have a puppy……

We have hit the stage where Fen has decided that she knows best and she is going to be stubborn, and the adolescent head is defiantly fixed on those firm shoulders. She keeps trying to get away with everything including going through yet another chew stage…….my poor chair! But hay it will pass and I’m staying strong with firm rules which she understands so hopefully the end is in sight (fingers crossed)

So what have we been up too?

Darlington Dog show back in September and we came away with VHC in minor puppy and 3rd in puppy.

She attended the gundog training group at the beginning of October, I was very pleased with her she did most of the retrieves that I asked and did some amazing jumps which I was very pleased with as I have never done any form of jumping at all with her. Her hunting on the day wasn’t brilliant but equally I was trying to handle two dogs which is never a good idea as Wayne was having Larlars! I gave it up as a bad job and went back to do more retrieves.

Mid October wasn’t brilliant, we had entered the Weimaraner open show but had to withdraw as Fen was very poorly, she had a bad tummy and there were lots and lots coming out of it! I think she had picked something up and ate it off the garden or on a walk as she vomited something back that I certainly hadn’t given her and she had all the symptoms of food poisoning…….she fully recovered the moment I withdrew from the show!

I took both dogs to Peter Everett Stewarts the next day and it was amazing to watch, she hunted on fantastic ground. She didn’t look like a 9 month old puppy she looked like a dog who had been hunting for years. I was again very proud.

Late October we were entered in an open show where she came away with another 2nd place in puppy. She was a git on the move but stood brilliantly so she may have got a first if she had moved better?

A few days later we was at Midland counties and I stupidly entered her into Junior as well as puppy and she was dwarfed by the other dogs in the class, she certainly was too young to be there and she didn’t get placed but did get 3rd in puppy so we still came away with a place.

November brought us another training day at the farm. I could not have been more pleased with Fen and Moss. Fen did all the retrieves with style and grace and even on a few occasions she looked like she knew what she was doing…….. I got some brilliant photos of her jumping hay bales for a retrieve; she got all the dummy launcher dummies which go out far for a puppy. She too enjoyed the stew for dinner!!!!!!! And then in the afternoon she totally blew me away by stopping on a hare (Moss still chases at her age!) and managed to do her first point on a partridge, I think it was more shock than a true point but she was motionless and her leg was up so I’ll take that. She also sat when it was flushed again it was more oh what’s that as it flew which equalled in her sitting but it was a sit to flush of sort!

Today was In Line Dog Training winter charity dog walk so I took Fen, normally Bronte comes along but she is still recovering from her op so she stayed at home. I have to say Fen was again a good girl she came back every time I called her, she didn’t cause any trouble with the other dogs and I didn’t have to keep checking in on her she just played and plodded with the group of dogs. As I type this she is upside down fast asleep so a quiet afternoon for me and Wayne.

She has been awarded her puppy good citizen so I now have no excuse she is doing to do the bronze one in a few months………fingers crossed I get time to practice a few requirements with her before the test day!

In all looking back, yes she is a little shit at the mo but it aint all bad and most of the time she does what I ask and produces good work, so maybe I’ll stop saying she’s a git!


Puppies Posted on Sun, November 06, 2011 20:58:50

Hi All
Long time since our last post & lots has been going on.

We have entered 3 shows, one at Malvern, one at Darlington & one at Newark, she managed to get a VHC at Darlington. Again can’t say either of us really enjoy the showing, Lexi just thinks it’s very boring standy still stuff! She would much rather be hunting & retrieving, and I must say I do agree with her.

As for the working stuff:
Tadcaster HPR retrieving challenge
Really enjoyed this and was really good practice for Lexi (& me). Unfortunately on two of the retrieves which were quite a long distance for a puppy she didn’t see the dummy being thrown so had to go out blind & struggled with the distance. They memory retrieve she was OK and luckily I was allowed to do the leadwork on lead so she didn’t get the chance to go after the bolting rabbit.
The dummy launcher was really good until she wouldn’t bring the dummy right to hand.

Widmerpool working test
Had a mixed day here. We got 33/40 for the hunting which was good and more my fault that we lost marks as I didn’t get her to use the ground fully. 10/20 for the memory retrieve, lost marks for complete lack of heelwork off lead and running in before being sent! We failed the water as (again) she wouldn’t swim (definitely need to do some work on this) but the best of the day was 19/20 for the split retrieve. I was so pleased with how she did this retrieve that I didn’t care about the low marks on the other things.

We have had several training sessions with Marie & a few others at the farm which have been really good and a great place to practice, also we have had one gundog training session with Peter Everett-Stewart which has given us much more of a focus and has shown me how to progress with her training as I am new to the gundog stuff. Just found out today that she is not steady on hares! Managed to flush 2 out & she gave chase to the other side of the field, think a long line is called for.

We met up with Fen, Raina & Stanley for a walk in August which Lexi loved. It was really nice to see the four of them playing together.

In October we took Lexi & Lani on our annual doggy holiday to a cottage in Glenuig in Scotland. It is quite a long journey up there so this time we decided to stop in a B&B on the way. Lexi was so well behaved on the journey up, in the B&B and also in the cottage. They both loved the holiday, the cottage was right by a little beach on a really quiet road in the middle of nowhere.

Lexi is such a lovely dog and very well behaved most of the time, we are however having a few teenage moments where she is challenging me! The main one being claw clipping, the bruise down the side of my nose which looks like a black eye says it all! Other bad habits are paper and card shredding and drinking out the toilet!!! But if they are the only bad habits I have to put up with I’ll settle for that.

Hope everyone else is getting on OK.
Woofs & Wags from Lexi to all her brothers & sisters xxx

Ps. Just want to thank Marie for playing the firework sounds scary cd to the puppies when they were young as we’ve not had any problems with fireworks or gunfire.

In fact I let her out into the garden yesterday evening (bonfire night) and she sat on the decking watching the fireworks, think she couldn’t understand why there

were no training dummies falling from the sky!

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